My Anniversary

Yesterday, January 4th, was my 7th wedding anniversary. I’m so blessed to be married to a loving, caring, sexy, and patient woman! Susan is a fantastic mother to our son. My apologies to you all….Charlie is often the subject of many of the personal images posted here on my blog! Hopefully, you don’t mind too much!!

As a little “thinking of you” gift, I sent my wife a little bouquet to her place of employment. I didn’t even really know what I sent her. The reason being, I called my friend Andrea Lutz at Peppertree Floral. I trust Andrea to be creative…drawing from the greenery of the season. It’s what I love about her work…it’s…different. Wonderfully organic…earth tones, coarse and fine textures. Just great stuff. Andrea and I have worked side by side on a number of weddings and I can whole-heartedly recommend her work.

When my wife brought the bouquet home last night, I knew exactly how I wanted to capture some quick pics! Check it out!!!

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  • Meredith

    You were right, pretty arrangement and awesome pictures!!!

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